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Rivendell Terriers

Breeders of CKC Russell Terriers & UKC Jack Russell Terriers 

We are so blessed with

little Spike,

my family is complete now....

Angela M, Kars, Ontario


Our little fellow (Polo) is settling into his new surroundings well this morning.  Last night confusion could be expected - and we had to set a lot of ground rules with our boys.  He used his paper to pee, had his late supper and played with some toys.  This morning he was pretty active playing with toys, investigating the rooms in our house, later checking out animals around the farm.  

What an amazing little fellow - thank-you!

Keep in touch any time!


Elizabeth, Colin, Todd & Tyler


Hi Dorthe,

Patches is home and doing fine. I sure missed her today. When I went to pick her up this afternoon after her spaying and micro chipping, her vet was sitting holding her just like a baby. She is so sweet and I'm so happy we adopted her. She sleeps in our bed at night but she will sleep in the cage for tonight (maybe). I'm sure she'll want in the bed though and I don't want her to get lonely. I want you to know how happy I am you chose me to be her new mom. I could never give her back.

Again thanks to you both.

Barb D.

Cornwall, Ontario

Maze is just amazing, she starts puppy kindergarten next week (it was delayed with the lockdown). She is so easy to live with and is such a happy puppy, just a joy to have around! I also have her spay booked for March, I have her booked in for an ovary-sparing spay with a highly-respected vet in our area.

Natasha, Ottawa, ON


Thinking of adding  a Russell Terrier puppy to your family?  I wouldn't hesitate to tell anyone to check out Dorthe and Randall's puppies.


I first met River in November 2019 and was greeted by her friendly mother and then  River and the rest of her littermates came running into the room.  They played with me for a while and River ended up falling asleep in my arms.


I picked River up two days before Christmas.  She adapted to my home quickly and was super easy to housetrain.  River has the friendliest personality of all the terriers I have owned.  This is due to the way Dorthe breeds her dogs.  I know sound temperaments are important to this breeder.  I follow several of the dogs Dorthe has raised on social media and it appears those dogs have the same temperament as my girl.


Many times I have been asked if I will sell River to someone I have met.  The answer is NO she is staying with me.


River is a happy dog, always looking forward to meeting someone new and has her tail held high and is very confident.  This is all due to knowledgeable breeding and a love of this breed.  


If you are thinking of a Russell Terrier, then Dorthe has the friendliest and healthiest puppies you can purchase.  Your new best friend is waiting for you here.


Bente N, Ottawa, ON

river 1.jpg
river 2.jpg

Hard to believe a week has gone by! Just wanted to tell you I love him more this week than last♥️ He is like medicine to everyone I know including me❤️
I am transitioning Guinness to ‘Open Farm’ humanely & sustainably sourced puppy recipe food. It is a healthy blend of humanely raised chicken, wild- caught salmon & natural superfoods🤗
I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this little guy💝

Patricia, ON


I just wanted to give you a little update on how Logan is doing. He is adjusting well and giving us so much joy! He hasn’t given us trouble at night . He sleeps in my daughter’s room and stays quite the through the night! He is doing well at the potty. (Few accidents when I missed the sign) but so far he is doing wonderfully well!
Thank you letting us have him and choosing Logan for us. He has a very calm temperament even if my children are excited and a bit loud around him!

He is playful and

lets us know when

he wanted to play

or just cuddle.

He is such a joy to


Analyn C, QC


Chico (Tonka x Gucci) has adapted very well. He's very, very active for sure. Knows already how to tell us he needs to go outside (up to now we've had nothing inside the house). He also had a blast of a weekend with the Schnauzer of our son's girlfriend 

Rachel, Huntsville, ON

What a joy she is. She seems very happy and responsive. Calmest JRT I've ever met. She didn't even react to the groomers cat.

Vet checkup went great, all positive.

She doesn't bark? Not one bark since we 

picked her up.

Dan D.

Wasaga Beach

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