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Rivendell Terriers

Breeders of CKC Russell Terriers & UKC Jack Russell Terriers 

Puppy Questionnaire


If you are interested in purchasing a puppy from me, please copy and paste the following questions into an email and answer the questions and email them to me.

Thank you

dog running with toy

Your name and city/province where you live:


1.    Why do you want a dog?

2.    Why have you chosen this breed? Male or female? Why?

3.    Who is responsible for the dogs care?

4.    Do you have the time to meet the demanding needs of the puppy/dog for feeding, training and exercise?

5.    Are there any children? If so, how old are they? How would they be instructed in the care of the dog?

6.    Does anyone in the household have allergies?

7.    Are you committed to the grooming and health maintenance?

8.    What is your attitude towards training and obedience?

9.    How often is someone at home? 

10.  Will you have time to walk and play with the dog?

11.   Do you have a fenced yard? If not, how do you plan on keeping the puppy/dog safe?

12.  Will you be taking the dog to puppy class?  Highly recommended.

13.  If you already have a dog or have had a dog, what kind of food did you feed it?

14.  Have you ever surrendered a dog to a rescue or the Humane Society?

15.  What are you thoughts on spaying and neutering.

16.  Are EVERYBODY is the family in agreement about getting a dog?


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