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Rivendell Terriers

Breeders of CKC Russell Terriers & UKC Jack Russell Terriers 

Deposit  $500

Breeding/ show prospect: $3000 and up, depending on stud.

Yes, we ship. Usually with Air Canada or WestJet.
Shipping is around $350 within Canada.
On top of that there is:
Crate: $20-50
Health certificate: $80 


Why do purebred dogs cost so much?

 Purebred puppies are often more expensive than their rescued or mixed-breed counterparts. The higher price tag is not a cash grab and responsible breeders are not in it for money. Here are some of the factors that go into setting the price of a puppy: • It costs a lot to be born: Breeders want to breed their dogs to the very best, which can sometimes mean pairing two dogs from opposite sides of the country or even the world! ‘Stud Fees’ as they are known, can be thousands of dollars or a ‘pick’ puppy. Both mom and dad will often have health tests before they meet, and artificial insemination and caesarian births are also not uncommon in the purebred world, meaning breeders can sometimes be out thousands of dollars before the pups are even born. • They come prepared: Purebred puppies must be tattooed or microchipped before they go to their new homes, and they should also be vet checked, vaccinated, dewormed and registered with the CKC.

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