CeCe and Tonka welcomed 3 puppies

Feb 24, 2021. 2 boys and 1 girl.

Girl is sold. 1 or 2 boys will become available.  $2500

More pictures in a few days.

Tonka (Marlyn Heartbreak Lover) and Gucci (Rivendell's Haute Couture) welcomed 4 boys. DOB:            December 22, 2020. All sold.


"Squirt". Staying with breeder.

(Rivendell's A Little Dab'll Do Ya)

ARTHUR. Going to Nova Scotia.

CHICO. Going to Huntsville

"BLUE". Going to Guelph


Tonka (Marlyn Heartbreak Lover) and

Asker (Rivendell's Fire And Ice).

DOB: January 24, 2021

2 boys, 2 girls

Male 1. SOLD

Girl 1. Staying with breeder.
"Dash". SOLD. Moving to Aurora, Ont.
Girl 2. Going to BC.
Heading 6

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