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We are located in Ontario, about 40 min south of Ottawa. We breed the 10-12" AKC and CKC RUSSELL TERRIER and UKC JACK RUSSELL TERRIER.


Welcome to Rivendell Jack Russells. We are a small breeding kennel in Ontario, Canada.

I met my first JRT in Ireland in 1991. Boris was a super little short legged bundle of energy and joy. He followed me everywhere and was my neck warmer at night when I watched TV. I knew then that when I got own house, there would be Jack Russell Terrier living in it.

My husband, Randall, is also one of the few breeders of the Black and Tan Jack Russell Terrier aka The American Hunt Terrier. He currently have a male and a female, but he hopes to get one more female.

Our dogs live with us in house and our puppies are raised in the house where they can get used to everyday life.

The dogs room. The dogs enjoy their own 3.5' x 5' kennels when we are at work and at night. They take turns being in the house with us and sleeping in our bed. Outside they have an acre of fenced area and 2 pool areas for those hot summer days. Please click on picture for a larger view.



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Jack Russells are like potato chips, you can't just have one